Notre Dame, Adidas ripped for new uniforms

Credit: Adidas

Notre Dame and Adidas are getting mostly negative reviews for the alternate uniforms planned for the school’s “Shamrock Series” game against Miami at Chicago Solder Field on Oct. 6.

The reaction has been swift and furious since the uniforms were unveiled Thursday. Yahoo! Sports says the Fighting Irish have “officially jumped the shark” with the unis — especially the two-tone helmet, which is two-thirds traditional gold and one-third navy blue.

The wacky helmet is what turns the uniforms into the “Fonz on water skis,” agrees Graham Watson of Yahoo. The “disco ball” helmet also outrages Matt Hinton of

It’s like some sort of Cubist, Harvey Dent thing. (Come to think of it, Two-Face’s habit of solving problems by flipping a coin may be as good a method as any for coach Brian Kelly to finally settle the quarterback question.)

And what’s with the two-thirds, one-thirds design? As Paul Lukas of ESPN’s Uni Watch blog asks:

If they couldn’t make up their minds between gold and navy, wouldn’t you expect them to split the different by going half-and-half, instead of this lopsided design? Yeah, it’s ugly, but that’s secondary; the main thing is, it’s strange.

I agree with some of the criticism. The jersey and pants look OK. But the helmet is where ND and I part company.  Here’s a suggestion for the Golden Dome.  The “Shamrock Series” Notre Dame uniforms worn last season against Maryland — with the green jerseys and gold helmets with shamrock on the sides — looked great (see photo below).

Green jerseys and shamrock-clad helmets have both been part of ND’s football heritage — as opposed to this year’s split personality helmet. They should go back to last year’s Shamrock unis when they suit up against Arizona State at Cowboys Stadium in 2013.

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Credit: Adidas


 Chad Johson fired by coconut water sponsor

You know you’re in bad shape when your corporate sponsors start putting out press releases saying you don’t represent the values of their brand. After being fired by the Miami Dolphins and hit with divorce papers by soon-to-be ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, former star receiver Chad Johnson was dumped by his new coconut water sponsor this week, according to ESPN.

Via statement from ZICO spokeswoman Alison Belter: 

The ZICO brand is about supporting naturally powered athletes. We partnered with Chad Johnson because of our great respect for what he has achieved on the playing field. However, in light of recent events involving Mr. Johnson, we have decided to terminate our relationship. The values we espouse, through our employees, our customers and our brand, are central to our mission. We have taken this proactive step to demonstrate just how important those values are.


Ryan Lochte trying to trademark phrase nobody gets

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is trying to copyright the phrase, “Jeah!” according to Darren Rovell of ESPN. The problem for Lochte? Nobody knows what it means. Still, he’s already hawking “Jeah!” T-shirts and gear on his web site.

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