Touchdown: Bud Light captures fan superstitions in new TV spot

(Photo Credit: Bud Light)

Bud Light is zigging when everybody else is zagging.

While other NFL sponsors are using an array of quarterback endorsers for the 2012 season, the league’s official beer sponsor is rolling out a hilarious TV commercial that perfectly captures sports fans superstitious beliefs they influence the outcome of games.

I know friends just like the people in this TV commercial. They wear a certain “lucky” jersey when watching their favorite team play. Plus, I like it when big marketers gamble with a counterintuitive approach. That’s what Bud Light pulls off so well in its new “Very Superstitious” spot from ad agency Translation that pays homage to the bizarre rituals fans adopt to help their teams win. It’s one of the best I’ve seen this year.

As Stevie Wonder’s 1972 hit plays in the background, one fan rubs his rabbit’s foot for luck. Another places his Bud Light cans in a specific pattern inside his refrigerator. A third wears different-colored socks to the stadium. Finally, we see a couple holding their hands over their eyes when the potentially winning field goal is kicked. When it goes through the uprights, the guy points to himself. That’s right, he’s saying, “I helped make that kick good.”

The tagline: “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.”

Mike Sundet, vice president of Bud Light for Anheuser-Busch, said “Superstitious” has been getting a huge reaction in test from consumers who see themselves in the spot.  It debuted during NBC Sports’ telecast of the Dallas Cowboys’ win over the New York Giants Wednesday night and will air during NFL games this weekend.

“The spot shows a lot of insight. Fans truly believe they can have an impact on the game. They look at the spot and say, ‘Gosh, that’s me,” Sundet told SportsBizUSA in a phone interview.

Bud Light is buying an average of two beer spots on each NFL game on NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN and NFL Network. The “Superstitious” commercial is just one part of Bud Light’s  wide-ranging “Year of the Fan” marketing.

The season-long marketing push from Anheuser-Busch’s includes the rollout of the new Bud Light Fantasy Football League. The new league will offer the winning fan two football tickets and a parking pass for the rest of their lives for their favorite team. (You can sign up here). Bud Light’s also rolling out new packaging for bottles and cans that looks and feels like a football.

The stakes are high. The first week of the NFL season outperforms most holidays for Bud Light sales-wise.

Bud Light NFL Kickoff 12-oz. 12-pack Cans. Photo Credit: Bud Light



  1. Carol Kruzel says:

    I lost a bet in that my team would win. They did not. What I had to do as a ‘loser’ is pose for a picture for the next time my team played the opposing team indicating that I wanted them to win with their jersey and anything else I could find. I am a hard core Vikings fan. They lost their first game with the Chicago Bears. The next game, I put a picture on facebook of me with all the Bears crap I could find. And wow…we dominately won that game. I continued with each ensuing game to post a picture of an opposing team member (no matter how much slack/crap I received from friends) on facebook with their jersey saying I was backing them and boom…Vikings made the play offs! Was a good run considering we were not suppose to win even half our games…

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