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    New ‘Boost’ running shoe cushioning could be game-changer for adidas

    My BS detector goes off when marketers promise a new product will change a category forever. But adidas has a contender with its new Boost running shoe cushioning.

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    Athletes charged with murder: Pistorius joins Simpson, Lewis and Carruth

    Oscar Pistorius joins O.J. Simpson, Ray Lewis and Rae Carruth on the list of athletes charged with murder. Pistorius’ web site yanked a Nike ad with the headline: “I am the bullet in the chamber.” Will Madison Avenue cool it on using violent metaphors in ads?…MORE

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    How Yahoo! and Fox powered past ESPN.com in comScore rankings

    Yahoo! Sports and FoxSports.com both powered past ESPN.com in the latest comScore rankings. We ask Ken Fuchs and Brian Marshall of Yahoo! what they’re doing different from the WWL…MORE

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    The pros weigh in: How concussions will impact future of NFL and contact sports

    Will concussions destroy the NFL? Sports Biz USA asks a panel of experts: Justin Tuck of the NY Giants; Phil Simms of CBS; Walt Frazier of MSG Network; ex- NY Rangers star Adam Graves and columnist Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports..MORE

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    With concussion debate raging, will NFL eventually go the way of boxing and horse racing?

    Thousands of ex-players are suing the NFL. Fewer kids play tackle football each year. The league dropped in popularity in latest Harris Poll. Is it possible that pro football could go the way of boxing and horse racing?…MORE

CBS to kick off pregame Super Bowl XLVII coverage almost a week in advance

SB 47 CBS Moonves

ESPN must be jealous: CBS will kick off pre-game programming for Super Bowl XLVII six days before the game. CBS’ Les Moonves jokes about Janet Jackson. CBS Sports Network’s David Berson takes on the WWL and Bill Cowher contradicts himself on a coaching return…MORE

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60 Minutes Sports: Lance Armstrong tried to ‘donate’ $250,000 to USADA


The new ’60 Minutes Sports’ reports tonight that Lance Armstrong tried to “donate” $250,000 to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Travis Tygart of USADA also likens Armstrong and his enablers to a “Mafia” that intimidated other riders into doping…MORE

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Start saying goodbye to old-time bullpen phones: MLB announces cell phone deal with T-Mobile


You can start saying goodbye to old-fashioned bullpen phones. MLB and T-Mobile announced a deal to provide baseball managers/coaches with cell phones in dugouts and bullpens in 2013…Budweiser’s new Black Crown brew to debut spot on Super Bowl XLVII…MORE

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Is college football passing baseball as America’s real No. 2 sport?

Notre Dame Football

Is college football passing baseball as America’s real No. 2 sport behind only pro football? Research indicates baseball is still No. 2, but long-term numbers are trending in the direction of the college game…IMG Worldwide acquires Catalyst PR….MORE

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Sean Payton’s big reward from Saints sends poor message


The big question in the Big Easy is “what did we learn?” after the New Orleans Saints agreed to make Sean Payton the NFL’s top-paid coach. My question: What kind of example does this set?

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Race baiting: ESPN’s Rob Parker asks if RGIII is a ‘cornball brother’ on ESPN’s ‘First Take’


Rob Parker asks if Robert Griffin III is a “cornball brother” on ESPN because Washington Redskins QB has white fiancee and (gasp) might vote Republican…Mike McCarthy, ex-boss of MSG Networks turned CEO of St. Louis Blues, joins Manhattan Place Entertainment…MORE

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Peter King: ESPN would go ‘Bat-Dung’ if Jon Gruden dumps WWL for return to coaching


Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC warns ESPN will go ‘bat-dung’ if Jon Gruden dumps Monday Night Football for a return to coaching in college or the NFL…MORE

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Big East Commish Mike Aresco: ‘Reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated’


Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco says it’s too early to predict the end of his conference due to realignment in college sports. “Reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated,” he told Sports Biz USA at the 2012 IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum…MORE

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Spurs hit with ‘Stern’ fine; should college football players walk?


Spurs coach Gregg Popovich’s lineup on Thursday has cost the team $250,000, courtesy of NBA commissioner David Stern. … Should college football players leave the field?

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NBA and Adidas’ ‘Big Color’ jerseys help ignite Black Friday retail sales


The NBA’s new ‘Big Color’ jerseys from Adidas helped drive the league’s best-ever Black Friday sales at NBAStore.com and the NBA’s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan…Superfan ‘Fireman Ed’ turns in his helmet before he gets punched out by angry NY Jets fans…MORE

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