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Sex and the City: Check out Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders costumes


The Brooklyn Nets’ cheerleaders turned to a designer from HBO’s ‘Sex and the City’ to help design their costumes featuring flashy black and silver “stretch leatherette,” knee high boots, high heels and studded fingerless gloves…USA TODAY SPORTS mocked by readers for mean-spirited post on 77-year old stroke victim Lee Corso…’Gronk Flakes’ coming to New England supermarkets…MORE

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ESPN’s Sage Steele sounds off on Tim Tebow, Skip Bayless and contract talks


Rising ESPN star Sage Steele sounds off on the network’s Tim Tebow obsession, Skip Bayless and national cable competition between ESPN and NBC Sports. Plus, we ask Steele about her upcoming contract talks. And whether Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle made a big mistake by jumping from ESPN to Fox and NBC…MORE

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NFL’s bumbling replacement refs inspire prop bets


The NFL’s bumbling, fumbling replacement refs have led one online sports book to post prop bets on their performance in Week 3 games. “We think betting on the refs can be just as thrilling,” according to Dave Johnson of…USA TODAY SPORTS trolling for cheap page views…MORE

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How do you blow $26 million in 6 years? Just ask Vince Young, the latest broke athlete


Add QB Vince Young to the sad list of pro athletes who’ve burned through millions of dollars and ended up broke or close to it. Young is almost out of money after getting $26 million in guaranteed money from the Tennessee Titans in 2006, says Yahoo! Sports.

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HBO’s Real Sports takes on reasons behind ‘Fan-on-Fan Violence’


HBO’s Bernard Goldberg pinpoints one reason for the explosion in fan-on-fan-violence at sporting events. The breakdown in traditional institutions across the USA: home, family, organized religion…MORE

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Olympic gold medalist Shaun White arrested for drunkenness, vandalism


Shaun White had quite a night for himself Sunday. He got drunk, trashed his hotel room and allegedly attacked a hotel guest. The Olympic gold medalist’s mug shot from the Nashvile P.D. shows him sporting a black eye. White apologized, saying he got “carried away.” Ya think?

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Best news today: Nike says Lions lineman’s see-through pants were ‘isolated issue’


Nike, the NFL’s official outfitter, says the problem of sweaty lineman wearing practically see-through pants “seems to be an isolated issue.” TV viewers across America heave a sigh of relief.

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Video: Watch Tom Coughlin confront Greg Schiano over cheap shot on Eli Manning


Ticked-off New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin confronted Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano after Schiano’s players cheap-shotted Eli Manning during the game-ending kneel-down play in the Giants’ 41-34 win over the Bucs.

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Jets at Steelers was Sunday’s most expensive ticket on StubHub


The New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers was today’s most expensive NFL ticket on StubHub with an average price of $256. The Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots was No. 2 at $245.

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USA TODAY’s dream of ‘Cool Balls’ turns into PR nightmare


USA TODAY made itself the laughingstock of the media world for an unintentionally hilarious memo that declares: “I have a dream…that one day all Americans will join hands and declare their undying love for our balls.”

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