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    New ‘Boost’ running shoe cushioning could be game-changer for adidas

    My BS detector goes off when marketers promise a new product will change a category forever. But adidas has a contender with its new Boost running shoe cushioning.

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    Athletes charged with murder: Pistorius joins Simpson, Lewis and Carruth

    Oscar Pistorius joins O.J. Simpson, Ray Lewis and Rae Carruth on the list of athletes charged with murder. Pistorius’ web site yanked a Nike ad with the headline: “I am the bullet in the chamber.” Will Madison Avenue cool it on using violent metaphors in ads?…MORE

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    How Yahoo! and Fox powered past in comScore rankings

    Yahoo! Sports and both powered past in the latest comScore rankings. We ask Ken Fuchs and Brian Marshall of Yahoo! what they’re doing different from the WWL…MORE

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    The pros weigh in: How concussions will impact future of NFL and contact sports

    Will concussions destroy the NFL? Sports Biz USA asks a panel of experts: Justin Tuck of the NY Giants; Phil Simms of CBS; Walt Frazier of MSG Network; ex- NY Rangers star Adam Graves and columnist Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports..MORE

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    With concussion debate raging, will NFL eventually go the way of boxing and horse racing?

    Thousands of ex-players are suing the NFL. Fewer kids play tackle football each year. The league dropped in popularity in latest Harris Poll. Is it possible that pro football could go the way of boxing and horse racing?…MORE

Does Notre Dame need more criminal players to succeed?

Photo Credit: Matt Cashore, US Presswire

Does Notre Dame need to recruit more “criminal” players to get back to the top of the college football world? That’s what Fighting Irish radio announcer Allen Pinkett said on radio before backtracking and apologizing.

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Virginia gym denies Gabby Douglas’ racism allegations


Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas told Oprah Winfrey she was a victim of racial bullying at her former Virginia gym. Now Excalibur Gymnastics is firing back and denying Douglas’ allegations.

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Guess who’s the NFL’s highest-paid player in 2012? It’s not Peyton Manning


So who’s the highest-salaried player in the NFL for the 2012 season? Guess what? It’s not QB Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos. It’s DE Dwight Freeney, Manning’s ex-teammate with the Indianapolis Colts

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Overexposed Jerry Jones needs to go away for a while


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones needs to lay off the marketing stunts until his team starts winning again. In his latest, the publicity-hungry Dallas Cowboys owner ‘raps’ in a TV commercial for Papa John’s Pizza

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Should New York Jets move QB Tim Tebow to running back?


The New York Jets offense has’t scored a single TD in three games this preseason. That’s leading to a media meme you’re sure to read and hear more of in coming weeks. Move QB Tim Tebow to running back.

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Glad to be aboard

I’m happy as heck to be joining SportsBizUSA led by my former USA TODAY colleague Michael McCarthy. Hopefully I can add a little flavor and help a guy I’ve always enjoyed working with. It should be a lot of fun.

Thanks Mike,
Bob Kimball

Crisis PR manager Vince Young tweets own release from Buffalo Bills


Crisis PR managers advise clients to try to get out ahead of bad news. That’s what QB Vince Young did Monday by signaling his own release on Twitter before the club officially announced he was cut.

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This has TV spot all over it: Tony Stewart throws helmet at Matt Kenseth


This video has TV commercial written all over it. An enraged Tony Stewart throws his helmet at Matt Kenseth’s car — and it doesn’t break. Somebody should turn around a 30-second spot on this right quick

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Los Angeles Dodgers are now ‘Yankees West’

Adrian Gonzalez belts 3-run homer in his first game after being traded to Los Angeles Dodgers from Boston Red Sox. Credit: Mark J. Terrill, AP Photo

The LA Dodgers have become “Yankees West:” the rich, free-spending club that other NL teams will love to hate

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Oakley to Lance Armstrong’s accusers: Put up or shut up

Oakley's Lance Armstrong LiveStrong sunglasses. Credit: Oakley

Oakley sunglasses says it will continue to support alleged cheat Lance Armstrong against doping allegations until “proven otherwise.” Anheuser-Busch and Nike are also standing by the embattled cyclist.

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