Maria Sharapova launching her own candy line: ‘Sugarpova’

Maria Sharapova launching her own candy line: ‘Sugarpova’

Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova is launching her own line of candy called “Sugarpova” today in New York. Sharapova’s working with candy veteran Jeff Rubin, IMG agent Max Eisenbud and ad agency Dentsu on the launch.

A long-time endorsement star, Sharapova has touted Canon, Tag Heuer and other products. But she tells tennis reporter Doug Robson she wanted to start and own her own brand, not just endorse one.

With her career on the rebound after shoulder surgery, Sharapova os still one of the word’s most popular and sought after athletic endorsers. If the candy line takes off, Eisenbud thinks she can also launch her own clothing and fragrance lines.

The bigger athletic endorsers get, the more they want to own and call there own shots. See Michael Jordan with Nike and Magic Johnson with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The savvy Sharapova is just getting their faster than others.


Knicks get ‘F’ in Crisis PR over Lin from NYT

There’s several  Crisis PR options when it comes to handling bad news. Confront it head-on. Or ignore it until enough time passes where you can claim that it’s an old story and you’re moving. Etc.

Given their silence about the departure of Jeremy Lin to the Houston Rockets, the New York Knicks are taking the second approach.  NBA bloger Howard Beck takes Madison Square Garden to task (New York Times):

Knicks officials are under no obligation to acknowledge employee misdeeds — or even their own blunders — but ignoring the concerns of an already-beleaguered fan base is just bad business.

Season subscribers who spent thousands to renew their plans last spring deserve to know why Lin will be making one Garden appearance next season, instead of 41. Fans who flocked to the Garden, gathered around television sets in Chinatown and wrapped themselves in Linsanity T-shirts want to know why their hero is now wearing Rockets red, instead of Knicks blue.

For the most ardent Lin loyalists, no rationale may suffice. But a reasoned explanation might assuage the nerves of a fan base that has been served nothing but anguish and humiliation for the last 10 years.


You can’t make this Melky Cabrera story up

Great job by New York Daily News uncovering Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants’ bizarre and, lets face it,  unintentionally hilarious attempt to create a fictitious web site and non-existent product to duck a 50-game drug suspension.

The Daily News is one of the few big dailies committed to investigative journalism. Major League Baseball must love this story (NY Daily News investigative team).

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